Create your Digital Experience Automation


At SQLI, DevOps plays a critical role for our customers, as it handles how the process from our development to releasing to production and performance validation thereafter. A key part of our DevOps is automation, while this reduces man-hours naturally saving on costs, it also provides security validations, code standards checking, testing, and deployment. All this ensure that you can quickly achieve a requirement idea to production within 2 weeks.

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Automated build process
We help our customers automate their build process, reduce time and effort which results in quicker and cheaper production deployments.
Code validation on submit to repo
Containers built and deployed to production

Worried about if your systems can handle high volume sales periods?

As part of our DevOps teams, we provide Load testing, Volume testing, and performance testing. This can help you quickly identify issues and put in place fixes before you reach peak periods.

SQLI here to help you implement your own DevOps

As well are running our own DevOps we help our customer implement their own DevOps.
Our expert DevOps consults we help with the following:
  • Review current systems and processes
  • Planning for the DevOps
  • Recommendations of DevOps solutions
Our DevOps teams will set up and configure all the required DevOps systems so that you quickly start your DevOps process.
When you are struggling with an existing DevOps set up and processes our expert DevOps consultants can quickly help you troubleshoot issues and come up with short-term fixes and make long-term recommendations.


Whatever your requirements we always start by meeting you and seeing your business in action to see where and how we can help you with DevOps.


Once we understand your requirements we plan with you for our work with your DevOps.


We build your DevOps and test it to ensure that it will meet all your requirements.


Once your DevOps is running, we are still here to support you when you experience an issue or want to change a requirement.