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How to deliver a personalized experience! 

SAP Customer Experience

Together with our software partner, SAP, we offer solutions that allow business to manage and deliver seamless and comprehesive experience that will leave your customer happy and satisfied. Thus, it will form a basis of a lifelong relationship based on loyalty, trust and data protection legislation. As an accredited Gold partner, SQLI has the largest SAP resources in Europe with delivery teams in London, Cape Town and across Europe. We help merchants and retailers gain maximum value following a structured and proven design and implementation procedure.

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Although, it "traditionally" falls under manufacturing sector, nowadays no matter the industry you belong, data management and customer experience are key for success for building a long-term and loyal customer relationship. As experts, we specialise in designing and implementing end-to-end solutions and services in B2B, B2C and D2C markets

Issues with your eCommerce Channels?


+Simplify and reduce the complexity of your front-office.

+Manage promotions and campaigns in connected eCommerce platforms.

+Being able to offer access to information about related products, materials and quality.

+A single, always-on platform to support company-wide decision-making and a manufacturing platform that simplified transactions and customer engagement.

+Making easier for customers to buy anything at anytime and anywhere.

Issues with your Brand Loyalty?


+Create personalised experiences that will extend your entire lifecycle of customer interaction.

+win prospects and existing clients by offering new business models such as subscriptions and other services plans.

+Be able to offer personalised and consistent experiences across all channels.

+Aim to differentiate your business through customer satisfaction, data management and interactive eCommerce platforms

Issues with Data Management?


+ Able to check the lifecycle of your offered services and the issues your clients face.

+Able to offer them solutions on time and provide them solutions when it comes to tickets for the maintenance system.

+Through the data centralisation and digitalisation, you will be able to offer a holistic customer experience in a timely manner approach

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