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Within the SQLI group, the existing Cape Town office becomes a Centre of Excellence focusing their expertise and resources on Magento 2. Delivering agility, exceptional quality and client value being a key priority of SQLI’s commitment to its enterprise Magento customers.

Facing Problems with your Magento eCommerce Platform?

At SQLI we can help you solve any problems providing innovative solutions from our experienced Magento 2 Consultants

Why select SQLI?

SQLI is an accredited partner of Magento for over a decade with a focus on B2B and B2C solutions. Our Cape Town Centre of Excellence is supported by local Magento experts in our London office who can discuss your requirements in more detail. 
Years of Experience
Not matter how much planning goes into your project, there will always be unique problems that arise. Our experienced M2 Consultants are always here to help.
We share knowledge and best practice approach in different areas of Magento 2 such as Architecture, Integration and Testing
Our developers are Certified Magento 2 developers covering all possible framework services developments.
Our M2 Consultants will design the right solutions for the proper architecture to support the growth of your business

24/7 Support

Magento 2 Customers enjoy the 24x7 support fixing ASAP the issue and minimise any sales losses.


Offering customised training exclusively for your unique business operation.

Community Contributor

Our goal is to contribute and engage with the Magento community through different channels and adding value for all of our customers


Magento 2 consultants focus on helping clients to be innovative in different areas such as payment methods, user experience and mobile.

What our experienced consultants say

"Magento 2 has become a game changer in the eCommerce market, so I am embarking on a programme of changes within the Cape Town office to ensure that the Centre of Excellence is delivering the high standard that the group requires, as well as continuing to provide Magento services to our existing South African customers and our customers in the UK & Ireland." explains Technical Director Abrie Greeff.


“SQLI are a trusted partner. We receive the reassurance that comes from working with an accredited Magento partner.”

Greg Sauders - Group Ecommerce Director 

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