Digital Experience with Product Information Management

Grant consistent product information to your customers

What can PIM do 
for me 
and my business?

Why choose a PIM solution?

When a business selects a PIM system, they need to find that solution that covers the specific needs of today and will adapt to the future ones. PIM offers values to your business.

Here are some elements that you should look for when you are about to select:
  1. Interoperability with all your existing systems
  2. Automation and usability
  3. Customization
  4. Localization and flexibility

What SQLI does

As a Silver Partner of Akeneo, we offer solutions that allow the business to manage and deliver rich product information to close the deal and offer immaculate customer experience. No matter the channel or the sector you are. With a PIM system, you can aggregate, manage and synchronize data from several system. The ability to harmonize data from multiple systems is critical when managing a global business.

Why you should choose Akeneo's PIM Solution?

PIM's Akeneo offers creates the best Product Experience Management (PXM). To highlight a few elements: 
  1. Improving customer experience
  2. Delivering brand awareness
  3. Increasing conversion rates.   

Read about the benefits here.

When PIM should be considered?


Collect information across all channels in your PIM system


Edit and manage all your product information( data, images, SKU etc.)


Distribution across all the eCommerce channels you use.

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How can we assist you?

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