Direct to Consumer Commerce

Despite the rumors, direct to consumer commerce (D2C) doesn’t mean cannibalizing your trusted sellers. D2C is another tool in the brand arsenal to create a well-rounded experience for the customer and can be used by the manufacturer to build a base for great content, brand identity and customer data leading to greater brand loyalty.

Another Tool in your Business Arsenal

D2C can be used as a great addition to the support network of business factions. By producing a memorable customer experience and creating content to support the brand, this increases brand awareness overall. The D2C site wholly benefits everyone who sells your products. For example, if you as a manufacturer don’t have the fulfillment capabilities to run entirely from D2C, you can use the platform to suggest trusted third party sellers, thus providing a seamless customer journey and strengthening your relationship with your distributors.

Bridging The Gap

Unfortunately, your stockists won’t be able to sell all your products in one place. By going D2C you can provide customers with your entire product range, where they can browse and find the right product for them. Then customers are able to use the information and experience you provide to make a well-informed decision.

The Informational Epicenter

Your D2C site would be the go-to place for anyone looking for information and content around your brand. From size guides to the history of the brand, a D2C site is a place to put it. In addition, community aspects of your brand can be built up easier, with reviews and user-made content all in one place.

Fast Data

D2C enables you to gather data instantly, be it around products, merchandising or site performance. Your D2C site would be a treasure trove of data. This data can then be used to optimize marketing campaigns, for you and your sellers or to measure customer engagement of your content, to find out what is ticking your customer's boxes.

Trial New Markets

When you aren’t aware of the business landscape of new markets, diving into them is a daunting process, however by using a D2C site and the benefits, that come with it testing the waters becomes a whole lot easier.


SQLI have a long history of building greenfield projects for a large range of clients. We understand the complexities and the landscape around D2C commerce. We have helped clients with a range of B2B and B2C requirements, from international expansion to implementation of omnichannel commerce. We focus on customer individuality, offering expertise and projects in a plethora of e-commerce platforms, including SAP Hybris, Magento, and Demandware. We also provide services in CRM, digital & social marketing, connected commerce, data management platform, digital industrialization factories, development of scalable cross-channel platforms, big data and analytics consulting and solutions.