Business to Customer Commerce

SQLI experts in implementing B2C eCommerce 
In 2017 there were over $2 trillion of worldwide business to consumer (B2C) e-commerce sales, with the people of the UK being biggest online shoppers, topping the global spending survey. With these kinds of numbers at stake, it is key to have a slick, efficient and memorable e-commerce experience.

The age of the internet

With the rapid growth of the online market, having a successful e-commerce store can be the make or break for many businesses. As many companies choose to focus more of their business online it moves the playing field from the high-street to the digital sphere. A successful e-commerce store can decrease the need and cost of brick and mortar stores, with some businesses choosing to do all their business online, eliminating the need for stores. Additionally, e-commerce opens the entire world with a few clicks of a button, making international business easier than ever.

In Store and ...

However, the advent of e-commerce doesn’t mean the downfall of the brick and mortar store. E-commerce can be used to support and compliment instore shopping experiences, with omnichannel solutions growing rapidly more popular. Omnichannel enables the customer and the merchant to have a fully connected experience. Many customers choose to split the customer journey between online and instore and it is vital to have a solution that supports this journey. For example, if customer details are taken at checkout, their information and shopping preferences can be used to personalize their online shopping experience.

… Out and About

In the ever growing and sped up world more and more consumers are choosing to shop online using their smart phones  and tablets. Providing the customer with a dynamic device optimized shopping experience is vital for providing an  optimized on the go shopping experience.

It does not end at checkout

Once a customer clicks ‘Pay Now’ it doesn’t mean the end of their journey. Customer preferences and behaviors can be  used to create personalized marketing campaigns and personalized shopping experiences. Additionally, the merchant  can easily gather metric information about the performance of the site and the performance of their products which can  be used to streamline the site and the shopping experience.
SQLI is a global business with a long history of B2C projects for a large range of clients, varying from small businesses to international business monoliths.  We focus on customer individuality, offering expertise and projects in a plethora of e-commerce platforms, including Hybris, Magento, and Demandware. We also provide services in CRM, digital & social marketing, connected commerce, data management platform, digital industrialization factories, development of scalable cross-channel platforms, big data and analytics consulting and solutions