About SQLI

Founded in 1990, SQLI is a Digital Experience Agency dedicated to the digital world offering various solutions.
We assist companies and brands in defining, implementing and managing digital systems for a redesigned customer, partner and collaborator experience.

It's unique positioning at the crossroads of marketing and technology that enables the group to meet the challenges.

We focus on

1)developing sales and reputation (digital & social marketing, customer experience, cross-channel commerce, mobile, data intelligence, etc.) and

2)the challenges of productivity and internal efficiency (digitalization of operations, collaborative company, connected objects, CRM, etc.) in a comprehensive way.

Continuing to grow

Our 2500 staff are located in 32 agencies in 13 countries, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, South Africa, Morocco. The SQLI Group is listed on Euronext Paris (SQI) and its turnover was €232 million in 2018. Since 21 July 2000, SQLI has been quoted on Euronext in Paris (SQI).

€232M revenue

13 Countries

2500 staff

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